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CSA one week away! Carnivore Club too!

Our first CSA pick up is next Saturday, June 13th at 11am. It says later on the website but as we are not able to do a farm tour at this time we will go with the regular weekly time of 11am. Below is our virtual farm tour and we hope to offer a real tour later in the season.

For next Saturday we have made the decision not to offer any extras to sell. We would like to get the pick up process down first and then add orders the next week. I’m sorry to those looking forward to milk and butter. It’s coming and by June 20th we will have online ordering ready to go as well.

Everything is growing well and shares are shaping up nicely. We look forward to next Saturday 6-13 and welcome any questions or suggestions.


A CSA membership is food security!

These days we are bombarded daily with reports of empty grocery store shelves, meat packing plants closed, and food left in fields because of a lack of people to pick them. It’s concerning. The good news is a CSA membership locks in your groceries June-November. You will get the freshest produce and our farm-raised meats. All without having to set foot in a grocery store.

Our CSA shares are chock full of delicious food that will keep your family fed and happy. We are putting measures in place to be sure share pick up is contactless and food is minimally handled to keep everyone safe and healthy. Members will still get to enjoy the farm visits and once things return to normal we will be planning a few fun farm activities.

You can easily see that fewer hands touch your food when you buy from a local farm and fewer dollars end up in the pocket of the middle men.  This saves you money and helps farms survive so they will be here to feed your family in the future.

Our CSA members get to enjoy not just the food but the farm as well. We will be offering tours when social distancing is ended and will always have animals out for members to see and visit. If you have questions I’d love to answer them. Let me know.


Join the Plum Creek Farm CSA today.

Spring Time Means Babies on the Farm

One of the best parts of our CSA is coming to the farm and seeing all the animals.

Joining our CSA ensures you will have months of the freshest fruits and vegetables, the healthiest meats and eggs and more.

    • You get minimally handled farm-direct food
    • Weekly visits experiencing the farm
    • Grab and go pick up
    • All-natural chemical-free food

Learn more by visiting our CSA Page.

Happy Easter and Passover!

CSA, a safer way to shop

These days everyone wants a lower contact way to shop. Buying farm-direct makes this easy.

This graph makes it easy to see why farm direct food is fresher, handled less, and simply a healthier way to shop.

Our customers avoid crowded stores and pick up their food in the open air and sunshine at the farm. Because we grow and harvest most of what we sell fewer hands have ever touched your food.

Because our members’ health and safety matters, we are working on ways to incorporate social distancing in our pick up procedures when the CSA starts. It is our hope this will not still be necessary but wanted you to know we will be ready if it is.

If you would like to buy local now we have ground beef, ground beef patties, and beautiful Easter hams for sale. Our CSA and Carnivore Club are still accepting members.

Our CSA pickups are fast and user friendly. They come with the bonus of getting out of the house and visiting the farm.

Ground beef $5/lb
All Beef patties $6/lb
Easter Hams $5.25lb (6-7lbs)