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Bulk Meat Packages

Bulk Meat Packages Now Available

We are excited to once again offer bulk meat packages so you can continue to enjoy the best and healthiest meats all winter long. All meats are grass fed and supplemented with spent brewers mash from a local brewery. They are hormone and antibiotic free. This is truly delicious beef and pork. The prices below include all processing. Meats are picked up here at the farm in November and we will contact you when ready.

Mixed cut packages contain a mix of most cuts (farmer's choice) and are a great way to sample our beef or our pork.

Cutting: There are many options and the butcher will walk you through them. He makes it very easy and tailors the cuts and package sizes to fit your needs and preferences. All meats except poultry will be vacuum sealed. All processing costs are included in the prices listed below.


  • Beef - 1/2, 1/4 & 20lb Packages

    A whole animal yields approximately 750 pounds but can vary from that by 50lbs either way. There is no real way to tell until processing. This is the weight before cutting and what price is based on. There will be some waste during cutting so the amount you receive will be less than the hanging weight. You can request the bones for stock though. Cuts will include any and all beef cuts that you like. Most people get a mix of ground, patties, stew meat, roasts, and steaks. This is a great way to buy steaks at ground beef prices. Price: $4.35/lb or $130 per 20lb mixed cut package.
  • Pork - Whole, 1/2 & 20lb Packages

    A whole hog is approximately 200lbs before cutting. The price is based on this precutting weight. Like beef, there is some weight lost in cutting, and in smoking for the bacon, hams etc. Most people choose sausage, bacon, ham, ribs, chops, and roasts.

    Price: $3.75/lb or $100 per 20lb mixed cut package.

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