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Contact free trial run sale Saturday 5-9-20, 1pm

We have been working on a drive up system where we will load shares and orders right into your car. We figured a trial run before the CSA begins is a good idea. So, next weekend we are going to have milk and ice cream from Buckeye Country Creamery, eggs from our chickens, and Steiners Eggs another family farm with free-range eggs, ground beef, ground beef patties, butter from Minerva Dairy, and sausage for sale. Prices are listed below.

All items must be preordered. We ask that you pay through PayPal and arrive with a sheet of paper with your last name on it to hold up so we know which order to grab. We truly hope this won’t be needed all season but for now, we want to do our part to keep everyone safe.

Please order milk soon as I’m not quite sure how much to order from the dairy.


Ground Beef $5lb
Ground Beef Patties $6lb
Sausage $5lb
Butter 1/2 pound boxes, garlic herb $5 or regular $4
Whole or 2% milk, Gallon $5, 1/2 gallon $3.50
Chocolate Milk Gallon $5.75, 1/2 Gallon $3.75
Ice Cream, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry pints $5, 1/2 gallons $8
Eggs $3 dozen