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Includes Meat and Eggs

Member's Commitment:

    • In becoming a member of Plum Creek Farm CSA, I understand that I am making a financial commitment for the 2022 season by sharing the cost of farming with the farmer. I understand Plum Creek Farm offers one standard share; it does not offer half shares.
    • We welcome members to split a share between someone they know, but the farm does not involve itself in the process (we cannot divide things etc.) I understand that there are no refunds.
    • I understand that no portion of my membership is tax deductible.
    • I understand that having a Plum Creek Farm Membership guarantees a share of the harvest. I understand that if I have any questions about membership that I must contact the farm for answers before joining.
    • I understand that due to weather, pests, predators, family illness and other hazards of farming that the actual harvest amounts will vary and that Plum Creek Farm will make every effort to ensure a successful season but make no guarantees as to the total value or amount of produce provided over the course of the 2022 season. I understand that shares cannot be personalized.
    • I understand that the farm has set pickup times and if I can not pick up my items I may send a friend or family member, or arrange an alternate pick up by Wednesday of that week otherwise my reserved items will be forfeited.
    • I understand that for a variety of reasons not all requests for memberships may be granted and my payment may be returned.
    • I understand that Plum Creek Farm is private property, not a retail establishment, park, petting farm or recreational area and that no one is permitted to wander about the property unattended, enter barns, or touch equipment and animals without an owner present.
    • I agree to respect the farm property and to leave no children or pets unattended.
    • I agree not to hold Plum Creek Farm responsible for any injuries, accident, damages or liabilities while on the premises.

Payment Plan Dates:

$150 Due Upon Joining

Four Payments of $250 Due May 1st, June 15th, August 1st, September 15th. Payment plan payments are not processed automatically. Payment can be made through our website or you may mail us a check.

By joining the Plum Creek Farm CSA you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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